Mahmood (ibn Ishaaq) narrated to us, (he) said: Al-Bukhari narrated to us, (he) said:Shujaa’ ibn Al-Waleed (Abu Al-Layth al-Bukhari) narrated to us, (he) said: Nadar (ibn Muhammad al-Yamani) narrated to us, (he) said: Ikrikmah (ibn Ammar) narrated to us,(he) said: Amr ibn Sa’d narrated to us, from Amr ibn Shu’ayb, he from his father) Shu’yab ibn Muhammad, from his grandfather (Abdullah ibn Amr ibn Al’Aas), he said:The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:“Do you recite behind me? They (Sahaba) said: ‘Yes! We recite hurriedly’, He ﷺ said: Do not recite anything other than Surah Faatihah”.










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