(Abdullah bin Uthmaan) Ibn Khuthaim said: I asked Sa’eed bin Jubayr [rahimahullah]:“Should I recite behind the Imam?” (So) he said: “Yes! Even when you are listening to his recitation, because (Nowadays) some people have started an innovation which was not practiced by the Salaf (as-Saaliheen). Whoever among them used to become their Imam (so) he would say the Takbir and remain silent, until the presumption overcomes that the followers would have recited Surah Faatihah, then he (the Imam) would start reciting and they would remain silent.”

(Juzz Al-Qirat Al Bukhari : Hadeeth 34)


Saeed bin Jubayr - Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbass ke Shagirdh


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