And Moosa (Ibn Ismaa’eel Abu Salamah) said: Hammam (ibn Yahya) narrated to us,From Ziyaad (ibn Hissaan al-Baahli) Al-A’lam, From Hassan (Al-Basri), From Abu Bakrah (Nafee’) [radiallah anhu] that: He came to the Prophet  when he was bowing and he bowed before
he reached the row. He mentioned that to the Prophet  and he said:
“May Allaah make you more keen, but do not do it again.”

(Juzz Al Qirat Al Bukhari : Hadeeth - 135)

(Imam) Bukhari said: It is not permissible for anyone to repeat something, from which the Prophet  commanded to abstain. And it is not found in his reply that he [Abu Bakr radiallah anhu] counted the ruku’ without the Qiyaam (standing position), and (whereas) Qiyaam is (proven to be) obligatory from Kitab-o-Sunnat (Quraan and Hadeeth). Allah The Most High said: {{ And stand before Allah with obedience}} [Al-Baqarah: 238], and said: {{ When you rise up to prayer}} [Maida: 6] This is the saying of Imam Bukhari. (Juzz Al Qirat Al Bukhari : Hadeeth - 136)






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